Overflow #4

Jesse Joannou out smith -LukeDlrmpl

Straight up pegs grind by Jesse - LukeDlrmpl

Rail manuel - LukeDlrmpl


Our Neighbours "The Burgs"

Our western neighbours blog freeohfiveeight has a load of sweet photos and edits up of late. Check it out.

Burgs local shredder Daniel.


Overflow #3

Kicker to wallride.

Just trying to my hand a nature photography.

Luke Dalrymple's Pentax Kx

Bump up the wedge and over the Cone by Cam Elder.

Gap to over the cone wallride avoiding the Lava.

Midget bank to Pegger fakie.

East Preston.


Off it's head in Reservoir.

Just spotted this over on Primary Threads, Nate Walker is Pop.. end of discussion. 

Gettin Shit Done

Our boy Cameron's DVD project is looking mighty tasty.


A Brilliant Photo taken by Callum McKechnie of David Purser at one of my old spots.


Get a job!! .... It's Saturday!!!??!!!

Jesse Joannou rail smith.

And again with a psi to over.

Mikey Hous'n

Gap to smith.


Liam Oh, Oh, O'brien

Rail/ledge hop at Bell Station Preston.

Steep as a mother upledge to Tuck on Bell St.

Gap to wallride via kicker in East Preston.