Daniel is Creativity

Dope little 3 clip vid from Pete Shifferle of Daniel Didomenico.


Tinsel town

Laser tinsels all day.

Flagz flat as a tack.

Kurtis Cox on the Grind Box.

Devine mushroom explorer.

Tyne D flicka extrodinare!!



The infamous

Mikey making chins wag

JT signed some autographs

Ashley Simons, close quarters smith.

Mikey Creek flawless wheels.

Michael Barrett bars off skinny wedge-ledge

Dylan O'connor cobblestone kicker to wall 

Tom Blanch, the flyswatter to end all flyswatters.

Toboggan dunk shitche!

Dylan O'Connor 'dark out' toothhang


Michael Barrett Tyre Tapping Little Kids!

Photo by Michael Fletcher of Michael Barrett attempting to fly out double peg the fence at Northcote bowl. Didn't land it but came sooo close. Crazy shit!

It's Dark Out!


Clockn Chills Got a Makeover

Pete Schifferle has heaps of updates, a new look and a new 10Q featuring Preston's own Jesse Joannou.
Check it out!!ClocknChills


Shiffs City Park Vid

Clocked on a Wednesday night Riverslide Session. HERE

Jesse's return to Edit making

Jesse's stunt at the end of this is bullshit!!


Preston King is down.

Preston King, Sam Wood had a pretty bad tumble the other day, not to sure on what exactly happened, but I've heard it's pretty bad. Get better soon buddy, isn't a blog without you!!

Jesse Joannou and myself had a little roll around Preston today and filmed some chilled stunts.
Have a peep.


200th post, Jibs Nine.

Overflow #12

534 porch life, Blanch Leg-uitar.

Manuel from the street to fakie bars on the bank, shortly after some street Leg-uitar.

Set-up synchro with Shiffy.

Onto the step into the wall from TB, wheres the feeble?

Skop-daddy high planter manuel like it aint no thang.