It's A Little Bit Fancy

Blanch Tom is steezing over in Adelaide and for some reason I remembered this photo.
This is the result of a rainy bmx session and no 'hot chicks' at M-C Donalds haha.
Toms pick up move besides being a cool cat, putting a straw up your nose and acting real casual whilst pretending to drink through the straw whenever a girl walks past haha!


Creativity is the key to progression.

Such a good edit from Corey Garner of two of the most creative dudes I know, Pete Shifferle and Daniel Didomenico.

Scraps Edit

Made another edit the other day of a bunch of left over clips from the dudes in the DVD and a little session at Reservoir. Have a look!

Ramp It Chills

Max Smithers made this dope edit of himself, Pete , Max Foerster and Yates. Straight chills.

Love Jesse Joannou

Jesse is one funny man.


Park Mix

Solid edit Peter Schifferle made, sooo good, all the riders are amazing! Props!


Byron Richardson//Scraps Edit

Edit of Byron I made whilst filming for the DVD, still heaps more solid footage that is going to be in his part!


Updates, Like A Boss

Edit I made from a session at RampIt, filmed by Cory Garner.

Dean doing stunts???? Hell yeah!!!!!
Few clips I filmed with Dean the other week.

Jesse Joannou throwing hood spins all night boyyyy! Yew!!!!

Straight chiller Pete Shifferle doing ninja kicks, like a boss!

Peter Clockn Z's, like a boss!

Thread the needle dubs. Keen on front pegs again!

Jesse Joannou getting in on the Reservoir Chills action with this steezy creation.



Ash Simons, Cold chill'n

Later; Drop'n Hammers

Maximilien Foerster alley swatter