6 reasons why northern suburbs street, especially preston, is the best.

6. in the east the streets may be wider & tree lined, constructions manicured and the cars shinier, but that doesn't mean anything to me cause there aren't any sketchy concrete obstacles or narrow alleys to bomb down.

5. there are most likely curbs before the bank and bumps before the rail...... which proves my other point, that the riding around here is far more interesting, due to the degree of difficulty in pulling maneuvers.

4. the spots are older, beat down, and weathered......this gives them character

 3. you can RIDE (not drive) to, AND from spots while hitting other spots on the way to the spot you're really trying to hit. 
sick, right?

 2. the spots are actually in the street, not the skatepark or a school

 1. the Anchor and all its monkeys reside in the north.

Parody of this



Lucky Petridis already put in work.