6 reasons why northern suburbs street, especially preston, is the best.

6. in the east the streets may be wider & tree lined, constructions manicured and the cars shinier, but that doesn't mean anything to me cause there aren't any sketchy concrete obstacles or narrow alleys to bomb down.

5. there are most likely curbs before the bank and bumps before the rail...... which proves my other point, that the riding around here is far more interesting, due to the degree of difficulty in pulling maneuvers.

4. the spots are older, beat down, and weathered......this gives them character

 3. you can RIDE (not drive) to, AND from spots while hitting other spots on the way to the spot you're really trying to hit. 
sick, right?

 2. the spots are actually in the street, not the skatepark or a school

 1. the Anchor and all its monkeys reside in the north.

Parody of this


Anonymous said...

number 3- ...what if i wanna get in my mini van and drive to spots though? :P

Anonymous said...

Preston isn't New York.

Anonymous said...

Seems like this parody has hit a nerve.

Anonymous said...

Parody is the wrong word, but no nerve was hit considering I don't live in Melbourne. Have only visited.

Sam said...

Actually they are correct, it is a tongue in cheek parody of the following;
Which the post title links to directly.

We joked around about it being very similar in describing differing areas of Melbourne, We never mentioned a similarity to New York, Sure our riding is influenced by riders from that area and other parts of the world equally, but with that said we do our own thing, we aren't attempting to mimic others.

This is a community blog, it's sole reason for existence is to grow, progress and share an individual identity for this area ,that residents and friends alike can feel apart of and contribute to,
and with these humble intentions has subsequently spawned numerous sibling blogs with the same goal in mind, unintentionally creating and linking a greater community, each sharing and welcoming the defining characteristics of where they call home.

Obviously it has attracted your interest by some sort of channels, so why do you spend your time to you make such naive comments with a negative tone? and even still from an Anonymous account, instantly discrediting your opinions.

So strange considering this blog hasn't participated in any media based negativity.

Anonymous said...

I apologize for not knowing the intricate nature of your blog and where to find obscure links to articles I have never ridden.
I only look at this blog on the odd occasion, but have always been impressed with its content particularly the younger kids who know how to use there pegs.
I'll keep my comments to myself in the future.

Anonymous said...

You can't just be saying there are no alleyways or sketchy concrete in the eastern suburbs. And it's silly to be making fun of focal point because they drive around in a van and have a million more spots than you. And also the anchor is really not in the northern suburbs. You did manage to use a lot of big words out of context though, well done.