BMX terminology

BMX is not Skateboarding and for good reason and purpose, so why lately does it feel the need to copy their terminology? We have always shared similar terms (almost unavoidable when considering the similarities in our fields) but distinct differences in these have naturally spawned from the varied aspects of each lifestyle.
Recently skateboard terminology has oozed its way back into BMX media and therefore community causing confusion and controversy.   Please read below the items I believe are in the most need of becoming universal.

Grind or spin the 'opposite' way to your natural way is called....     Opposite,

If you switch your pedal stance (left forward to right forward or vice-versa)
and perform any trick, that trick was....    Switch.

If you spin naturally in the direction of you natural front (ie left foot forward spinning left) you are what is considered a...    Goofy rider

In Melbourne, if you change your stance and/or natural spin direction in different tricks because it feels natural to do so, then you are what is considered a...    Kack footed rider

In Melbourne, if you ride along a grind-able object, you are performing a..    Psi (not a rail ride)

If you grind on both the front and rear pegs on one side of your bike you are performing a...    Double peg grind (not a 50/50)

If you take your feet off the pedals in such away that they make one full rotation backwards at which point you put your feet back on them you have performed a...    Crankflip (not a Kickflip)

End vent.

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